InnovaSpa Hot Tub Spas - plug and play and 220 V -


Place Your Hot tub

Our spas are lightweight and easily transportable.

Compared to other types of spa in the industry, InnovaSpa Hot tub spas require no site preparation.

Simply place it on a well-leveled surface (lawn, wooden deck, entrance, etc.).

Our spas are freestanding and made of one solid piece (monocoque). This explains why you don’t have any complicated preparation to do before installation.



Just take your garden hose and put it in the skimmer. No other preparations are required.

After filling your spa, we recommend you do a water analysis to make the most of your new spa.



InnovaSpa spas are 120V quick-connect ready. No electrician is required, no breaker, no expensive electrical wire to buy.

Plug it into a standard 120V (15 amp) outdoor electrical outlet and you're done!

For connection to 240 volts,

You change your mind and, after some thought, decide to connect your spa to 240V (40 amp)? Nothing could be easier: our spas are quickly convertible. Simply refer to a master electrician who will guide you through the process of converting the connection wire and the 40 amp circuit breaker.

Your spa is already equipped with equipment that can be modified from 120 to 240 volts.