February 14, 1978, the Scott Family founded Beachcomber Hot Tubs  in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, where the global headquarters and factory still reside today. After more than 34 years of devotion to hard work and fine design, the Beachcomber brand has now been established in more than 40 countries worldwide

In there Series of ho tubs the 300 Series is Beachcomber's budget spa line that consists of 5 hot tub models. The 321 model is a round spa with 45 jets and seating for 5. The 340 model measures 70" x 86" x 34" and has seating for up to 5 persons. The 350 model measures 80" x 88" x 38" with a lounger and cooling seat. It has room for 6 with up to 104 customizable jets. The Beachcomber 360 model has room for 7, with up to 100 jets and measures 80" x 88" x 38" (no lounger). The 380 by Beachcomber is the largest in the series measuring 89" square, with room for up to 7 and up to 102 customizable jets.

The 500 Series is Beachcomber's mid-range line and also has 5 models. The smallest, Beachcomber 520, has room for 2 with up to 60 spa jets. Model 540 has contoured seating for 5 plus a cooling seat, with up to 102 customizable jets in a 70" x 86" x 38" shell. Beachcomber model 550 measures 80" x 88" x 38" with 6 contoured seats, 2 cooling seats and up to 106 spa jets.   The largest of the series, Beachcomber 590, is an 89" square spa with 7 contoured seats, 1 cooling seat and up to 101 spa jets.

There are 5 models in the 700 Series, that are all available with the 700 SLB configurations. These spa series offer more options and features as they are Beachcomber's luxury line. The smallest spa is the 70" x 86" x 38" model number 715, with room for up to 4 persons, a lounger, a cooling seat and up to 143 customizable jets. The 720 model measures 80" x 88" x 38" with room for 7-8 persons and up to 147 jets. Beachcomber's model 725 is the same size, but with a lounger and up to 161 jets. The 740 and 750 models are the largest at 89" square inches. The 740 has a lounger, room for 6-7 persons and up to 183 jets. The 750 has contoured seats with up to 192 jets and room for up to 9 persons.

The SLB 700 Series models are the same size and shells as their non SLB counterparts, but have added features like a metallic acrylic shell upgrade, underwater mood lighting, a sound system, a hush pump system plus additional features.


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