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Spa Solution ® is a product for the chemical intolerant, for spa users who care about their environment, and for those who desire a maintenance free water experience.
Natural Clean, Clear Spa Water for up to three months with a single application!

Naturally Balanced, Luxuriously Soft, Low Maintenance Spa Water Without Harsh Chemical Additives!

With our product formula, we have a set of master enzymes that have been effective but at the same time keep the formula 100% safe for people, plants, animals and our environment.

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What Our Customers Are Saying!
“I can’t believe the water quality and lack of constant water monitoring needed now that we use Spa Solution. Thank You!” Shirley A. Ontario “A wonderful product! There is no chemical odour, we have clear water, and I’m telling all my friends and neighbors with spas about this great product.” Cindy M. Ontario “This is the answer. I was looking for a product that would reduce the maintenance and associated cost of operating my spa and Spa Solution has done it!” Frank J. Alberta “Before I found your product, I was ready to sell my hot tub because of dermal reactions. Luckily, we found Spa Solution through our local spa dealer. With some hesitance, we decided to try it. What a lucky break! We went home and followed the simple instructions and were back in our hot tub soon.” Wallace G. Ontario “Thanks….! My wife and I can now use our spa every day without suffering skin irritation. What a great product!” Terry L. British Columbia “Thanks…I just wanted to say your product is working great for us. My wife wouldn’t use the hot tub before… Now I can’t keep her out of it. I look forward to trying any new products you develop for the future.” T.S. Barrie, Ontario “This truly is a life saver for us. Since our daughter was little, she would continually break-out in hives after being in a hot tub or public pool with chlorine. After buying our current house with a spa she’s tickled pink. She can now enjoy it with her teenage friends. Great Stuff!!!”