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Western Tub and Pool: Your One-Stop Shop for Hot Tub and Water Care Services in Canmore, Alberta

Are you a hot tub owner living in the beautiful town of Canmore, Alberta? Look no further than Western Tub and Pool for all your hot tub maintenance needs! We are the leading service center in the area, offering top-quality repairs, filter cleaning, and delivery of supplies. Our team is highly trained and experienced in water maintenance for hot tubs, swim spas, and pools.

Why Choose Western Tub and Pool?

Our goal at Western Tub and Pool is to provide exceptional services to our valued customers. We understand the importance of maintaining your hot tub or pool, not only for the longevity of your investment but also for the health and safety of those who use it. Here are a few reasons why we stand out from the rest:

  • Expertise: Our team is made up of highly skilled technicians who have years of experience in hot tub and pool maintenance. We stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and techniques to ensure that we provide the best service possible.
  • Convenience: We offer delivery services for all your hot tub and pool supplies, making it easy and hassle-free for you to keep your water care products stocked. No more trips to the store or worrying about running out of necessary items! ( enter Canmore in coupon at checkout for free shipping ( delivery in Canmore )
  • Quality Products: At Western Tub and Pool, we believe in using only top-quality products for our customers. From filters to chemicals, we carefully select each item to ensure that it meets our standards and provides the best results for your hot tub or pool.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our priority is always customer satisfaction. We strive to provide prompt, efficient, and friendly service to all our customers. Your satisfaction is our success.

Services Offered

At Western Tub and Pool, we offer a wide range of services to keep your hot tub or pool in top condition. Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Repairs: Is your hot tub not working as it should? Leave it to us! Our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and fix any issues you may be experiencing with your hot tub, swim spa, or pool.
  • Moving : Moving of hot tubs , swimspa with crane services available 
  • Filter Cleaning: Regular filter cleaning is necessary for proper hot tub and pool maintenance. Let us take care of this task for you with our professional filter cleaning service.
  • Water Care Services: Proper water care is essential for the health and safety of those using your hot tub or pool. Our team can help you maintain the perfect chemical balance in your water, ensuring it is clean, clear, and safe to use.
  • Delivery of Supplies: As mentioned earlier, we offer convenient delivery services for all your hot tub and pool supplies. From chemicals to filters, we've got you covered!

Contact Us

Ready to schedule a service or have questions about our services? Don't hesitate to contact us! You can reach us by phone at (403) 248-0777