Monitoring Service

Monitoring service for your hot tub , pool . temperature , leaks detectors in one subscription . comes with equipment and install.


Alert Sensors measure ambient air temperatures , humidity wet condition. The 6 foot detachable wet or dry probes measure temperatures in your spa Hot tub , Pool ,as well as other for applications such as refrigerator, freezer, wine cellar, aquarium, , soil, etc.  The data collected by the sensor is transmitted wirelessly up to 200 feet to  Gateway and transferred  online to our alert center . (high speed internet and router required). 

The Alerts Package will send you a call, email and/or SMS text message on your mobile phone whenever the measurements fall outside the values set.   
The data is stored in a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file for a week.  


for more information please call us at 403-248-0777 . 1-855-248-0777

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