Lamotte Cyanuric Acid Test Tabs 100 PK For ColorQ-7

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Lamotte Cyanuric Acid Test Tabs are an essential tool for testing the cyanuric acid levels in your pool. These test tabs are specifically designed to work with Color-7, a color comparator that measures the amount of cyanuric acid present in the water.

Cyanuric acid acts as a stabilizer for chlorine, helping to protect it from the sun's UV rays and prolong its effectiveness. However, too much cyanuric acid can render the chlorine ineffective, leading to pool water that is not properly sanitized. This is why it's important to regularly test and maintain proper levels of cyanuric acid in your pool.

How to Use

Using Lamotte Cyanuric Acid Test Tabs with Color-7 is a simple process. First, collect a water sample from your pool using the included sample tube. Then, add one Cyanuric Acid Test Tab to the water and mix it until it dissolves completely.

Next, place the Color-7 comparator over the top of the sample tube and hold it up to a light source. The color of the water will change depending on the amount of cyanuric acid present. Use the color chart included with the test tabs to determine your pool's cyanuric acid level.

Maintaining Proper Levels

The ideal range for cyanuric acid in a pool is between 30-50 ppm (parts per million). If your levels are too low, add a stabilizer to increase them. If they are too high, you will need to partially drain and refill your pool with fresh water.

It's important to test cyanuric acid levels regularly, especially during the summer months when chlorine can be quickly depleted by the sun. It's recommended to test at least once a week or more frequently if your pool is heavily used.


Lamotte Cyanuric Acid Test Tabs are an easy and accurate way to test and maintain proper levels of cyanuric acid in your pool. By regularly monitoring and adjusting these levels, you can ensure that your pool water is properly sanitized and safe for swimming. Remember to always follow the instructions provided with the test tabs and consult a professional if you experience any issues with your pool's water chemistry. So, keep your pool clean and healthy with Lamotte Cyanuric Acid Test Tabs. Happy swimming! The sun may be strong, but with the help of these test tabs, your pool will stay crystal clear all season long.



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