QuickDrain Spa Drain Wand

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Tired of spending hours draining your hot tub? The QuickDrain Spa Drain Wand allows you to do it in a snap! This amazing product is totally power free, and uses a natural siphon action to drain 10-12 gallons per minute. No more long, exhausting days spent manually draining spa water – just attach the QuickDrain wand and let it do the work! Now that's what we call a hot tubbing miracle. So get your QuickDrain today – and stop draining your energy on draining your hot tub!



QuickDrain and QuickVac are routinely used to Vacuum and Drain any above ground water source including, but not limited to:

    • Hot Tubs & Spas;
    • kid's Splasher Pools;
    • Wading Pools;
    • above ground Ponds;
    • above ground Fountians;
    • above ground Pools and their Covers;
    • Horse and Cattle Troughs and other farm uses;
    • Tanks on the back of trucks;
    • Industrial Tanks and Vats.




  • Easy to use: Simply shake it to prime and you’re vacuuming. No need to constantly pump, lift or squeeze.
  • Speed:  It’s the fastest vacuum on the market. Insert, shake & vacuum - You’ll be done in minutes.
  • No Set-up Required: It comes fully assembled and no set-up is required.
  • Safe: No electricity is required. Works in all weather conditions.





  • For use in Above Ground applications only. QuickVac will not vacuum any in-ground body of water.
  • For use in Water only. QuickVac is not to be used in, or close to any, dangerous or flammable liquids, chemicals or materials.