Mineraluxe Cubes - 13 cube (140 cube size available, please contact )

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The Cube

     The Mineraluxe Cube is the star of the Mineraluxe system. It’s an advanced weekly mineral treatment, featuring a blend of natural minerals fused with advanced cleanse and repel technology. It will leave your hot tub squeaky clean and will dramatically reduce the scaling of heaters, jets, surfaces and equipment. Available in ( 6 cube ,13 and 140 cube sizes )


  • mineraluxe_cube-667x1024A fusion of Natural Minerals:
  • “Cleanse & Repels” all surfaces
    • Loosens debris and biofilm and prevents from reattaching
    • Squeaky clean surfaces
  • Reduces sanitizer requirement
  • Maximizes comfort and enjoyment
  • Infused with skin conditioners for a soft, silky feel
  • Fresh “Spring Rain” scent



First Week on the Mineraluxe System

mineraluxe_cube1. Add Mineraluxe CUBE: Add two Mineraluxe CUBES for tubs up to 2,000 L. If your hot tub is heavily used or greater than 2,000 L, check with your retailer for an adjusted application rate. Just drop the Mineraluxe CUBE(S) right into the skimmer basket. If you don’t have a skimmer, just drop the cube into the foot well near the drain. Mineraluxe CUBES dissolve quickly (you’ll see some cool fizzing action) and will not harm surfaces.


2. Add the contents of one pouch of Mineraluxe OXYGEN per 1,500  can be added immediately after the addition of theMineraluxe CUBES. Turn the high speed jets on for 15 minutes to thoroughly disperse the OXYGEN throughout the tub. Make sure to leave the cover off to allow the impurities in the water to gas off!
  3. Balance the hot tub water. Your Mineraluxe Retailer can help you get your water’s Total Alkalinity, pH and Calcium Hardness within the acceptable ranges.
4. Establish a bromine or chlorine residual of 3 – 5 ppm. Healthy hot tub water is properly sanitized. One important benefit of the Mineraluxe System is the ability to significantly reduce the amount of bromine or chlorine sanitizer required to maintain 3.0 – 5.0 ppm continuously. Periodic testing, especially for the first few weeks, will allow you to adjust your sanitizer dosage to best achieve a continuous recommended level.
5. Clean filter: 3 – 5 days after starting the Mineraluxe System, thoroughly deep cleanse the filter cartridge(s) with Mineraluxe Filter Revive


 ( Regular Maintenance on the Mineraluxe System)

DSC_0001 oxygen-app-sm
1. Once a Week: Add one Mineraluxe CUBE per 2,000 L (add it to the skimmer or drop it to the bottom of the hot tub) and one pouch of Mineraluxe OXYGEN per 1,500 L. Turn the high speed jets on for 15 minutes to thoroughly disperse the OXYGEN. Make sure to leave the cover off!
2. Maintain chlorine or bromine level of 3 – 5 ppm and add chlorine or bromine as needed. Test your bromine or chlorine residual regularly and adjust as needed to maintain the required level as per Health Canada’s recommended levels of 3.0 – 5.0 ppm.
3. Maintain pH between 7.4 and 7.6.
4. Rinse filter cartridge once a week with water.
5. Deep clean cartridge with Mineraluxe Filter Revive* once a month.
6Drain and clean hot tub spa quarterly or as needed using Mineraluxe Cleanse & Drain
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